We go backstage with Dukagjin Lipa and we talk about his connection with music, the Sunny Hill Festival in Pristina and, of course, about his daughter, Dua Lipa.

I was very lucky to catch him for a short interview at the end of 2018 at the PIN Music Conference in Skopje, Macedonia.

He gave me some insights about Dua Lipa’s success in the music industry and about the first major music festival in Kosovo,

If you’re interested in just a particular subject, I put the timecodes down below. Enjoy!

01:00 From dentistry to starting a band

03:00 Passing the passion for music to Dua Lipa

07:25 How important is for an artist to be involved in the creative process of his songs?

09:13 The story behind Sunny Hill Festival

14:40 Changing the stereotypes about Eastern Europeans

18:18 The secret behind Dua Lipa’s success in the music industry

You can find Dukagjin Lipa on:

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