We go backstage with Markus Schulz and we talk about his beginnings in music, his connection to Romania and how to pull a successful open-close set.

It was a pleasure to have Markus as my first international guest. He was really supportive considering that this was actually the first episode of the podcast recorded ever.

It took me some while to publish it, because it was recorded in november 2018, but the subjects are evergreen and I’m sure you’ll enjoy the talk.

If you’re interested in just a particular subject, I put the timecodes down below. Enjoy!

02:04 Growing up as a german kid in the US

05:38 Meeting Armin van Buuren

08:32 The art of DJing

09:56 Untold Festival and the trance scene in Romania

14:10How Global DJ Broadcast started

15:42 An advice for the young and upcoming DJs

15:53 Working with Smiley and Alina Eremia on his latest album

24:22 Dakota project, mixing in gay clubs and depression

33:32 How did the Colectiv fire in Bucharest affected him

37:58 The connections with Romania and how he met Adina Butar

42:30 Can you be a main-stage DJ headliner without being a producer?

44:51 What’s his creative process in studio and how to pull the perfect open-close set

You can find Markus Schulz on:

Markus Schulz @markusschulzYouTube

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